MASTERmix, the new ecosystem for the comprehensive management of Ready-mix concrete!

MASTERmix is the new ecosystem for the comprehensive management of Ready-mix concrete, from order taking, scheduling to dispatching. Designed with the latest cloud and AI technologies, it allows the flexibility, availability, and adaptability necessary to respond to the needs of the business and our clients. This solution has allowed us to create an omnichannel to improve interaction with our ready Mix concrete (MASTERmix) customers by integrating a set of applications that interact with each other: MASTERmix (the RMX production management application), myOrderRMX (the mobile ordering application), myTruck (the driver's application), the batching system and our quality system (FIREQ).


Key features that make MASTERmix a great solution

MASTERmix provides a cloud application for order taking and scheduling and a desktop application with offline capabilities for batching and dispatching at the plant level.

Through MASTERmix - cloud application and desktop application, those responsible for order taking and scheduling and, at plant level, dispatchers, will be able to:

  • Select the RMX plant and visualize the list of orders received in the system through myOrders or the Portal.
  • Easily create a new order for an existing or new customer.
  • In order to create availability of customer credits via the credit check feature
  • Placing a single order across multiple RMX plants, giving better visibility and tracking
  • “Most cost-effective functionality” available to reduce logistics costs and empty kilometers.
  • Fast execution of orders scheduling based on defined criteria.
  • Visualize all the deliveries scheduled and access the information of each delivery easily
  • Configurable at country and at plant level (i.e., automatic rules, delivery notes) to cover all potential scenarios as well as setting roles and security for users.
  • Fleet Management is also available in MASTERmix, where we can customize our fleet, put vehicles in or out of service and allocate them to each plant. If integrated with myTruck, we can track the truck is and assign.
  • Execute the planned orders in MASTERmix desktop.
  • If the fleet management system is connected to myTruck, it will be able to communicate directly with the concrete truck driver.
  • View and interact with the truck driver in real-time.
  • View confirmation of customer deliveries and access e-proof delivery notes.

Take a look at this quick video and learn about the solution!