An interview with Manuel Perea, Product Manager of Ready-Mix Solutions


Manuel Perea shares with us his vision of MASTERmix and how it is helping our business and customers build greener and faster.

"MASTERmix is an ecosystem designed with the latest technologies, which allows great modularity in its adoption by the Business, adapting to its needs and easily integrating into its digital ecosystem. This allows us to accelerate penetration with quite agile implementations. A perfect example of this succession would be the case of Spain, where the roll-out has been carried out in 20 plants in a time lapse of 6 weeks.

The solution has been co-created with the Business. One of the priorities was to design an intuitive and comfortable user experience, in order to achieve the user's satisfaction and accelerate adoption. 

Thanks to the new technology and flexible architecture, it can be integrated with any ERP and any Batching system in place.

The developed integration with our driver app solution and our truck management system solution impulses optimization of fleet management, improving timing and enhancing visibility to all stakeholders involved.

The off-line capability has been a key success factor regarding adoption. In case the RMX plant suffers any network disruption, the systems allows to keep working without impacting neither the services or our clients.

The feedback from our business and customers has been positive so far. We look very much forward to seeing MASTERmix get implemented in many more regions!"

Manuel Perea, Product Manager
Manuel Perea, Product Manager