Our services

We provide quality services to the Holcim business using advanced technology to help improve performance, accelerate speed to market and establish a security-rich and modern infrastructure.  

We work with the highest quality standards compliant with ISO 20K and 27 under an ITIL framework for process managment.

We are BSI certified, which reflects our commitment to managing security and protecting our customer information. Below we have listed the services that we offer to our clients along with a brief description:



We provide logistics services including inbound and outbound logistics processes involved in getting our products into our customers’ hands, from raw materials planning and reception, sales and operation planning, warehousing through to packing and delivering.











We provide Sales and marketing services that cover activities related with the selling of goods and services to third-party and Holcim customers. Our services cover the end to end process from market analysis and identification of prospective customers and project opportunities, continues with the management of the relationships to convert prospects/opportunities into real sales by creating contracts to support customer orders, and ends with the invoicing, including Sales planning. 






Our Manufacturing services cover all services related to:

  • Production planning & execution
  • Product Quality Management, covering the creation and selection of material and product codes, Quality Analysis, Sampling and testing and Product Conformity
  • Inventory management covering the management of procured/produced inventories from the determination of needs to their reception, storage, handling, and consumption
  • Capex Management



Finance services covers general accounting, financial and management reporting activities.






Procurement services covers third-party sourcing activities at strategic and operational levels with the aim to ensure minimum total cost of ownership.





Human Resources services covers Talent management, Succession plan, Performance management, Individual development plan (IDP) and Payroll.