Rocio Osorio is the Product Owner of mygeocycle, our solution for comprehensive waste management, contributing to the group's circular construction objectives, building new from old. Rocio shares with us her vision of how this solution is helping our business build more with less and also the opportunities that it opens to business.




Holcim's 2030 goals on the Circular Economy include increasing recycled materials in cement production and substituting 50% of fuel with energy generated from non-recyclable waste. Geocycle stands at the forefront of these efforts, addressing the escalating global waste crisis and the pressing need for sustainable waste management solutions. 

These challenges highlight the importance of a circular economy approach and the reduction of waste. This also highlights the need for a comprehensive and technological solution to address these challenges.

mygeocycle directly addresses the challenges mentioned, offering a comprehensive digital platform for waste management

✅It ensures proper waste handling and compliance with each country's legislation by storing all necessary documentation in one place. This includes waste acceptance documents, invoices, orders, reception documents, certificates, and quality data.
✅Accessible to all stakeholders, mygeocycle offers real-time tracking of waste request, bringing automation and transparency to the processes. 
✅The platform's analytical capabilities enable more efficient resource management and quicker, sustainable decision-making.

Beyond addressing current challenges, mygeocycle opens new opportunities for business.  

It helps increase operational efficiency, optimizing costs and boosting profitability. By facilitating the achievement of circular economy objectives, mygeocycle also positively impacts the business's reputation and long-term sustainability.

By embracing these innovative solutions, we are tackling current waste management challenges and paving the way for a more sustainable and profitable future.