The optimization of logistics processes has always been at the heart of a company's decisions not only because it involves a significant volume of expense but also because it has a major impact on the entire business. The ultimate goal is to get our product to our customers on time. However, analyzing and planning routes according to the needs, either internal or external, has been a challenge as it involves a lot of manual effort.
Optimizer offers an efficient and innovative solution for optimizing transportation costs for inbound and outbound loads through AI-based route optimization and better carrier capacity utilization, automating all the processes.
The solution, developed in the cloud and with the newest architecture concepts (microservices, containers), uses existing data and applies Machine Learning for predictive models for optimizing truck utilization via dynamic scheduling leveraging.


Through the optimizer, you will be able in a few minutes to make the scheduling of your orders with a few steps:

  • Select period and view the orders for those dates.
  • Select parameterization objectives for scheduling (cost optimization, On-time delivery) and define Global constraints and restrictions.
  • Run several scheduling with the selected  parameters.
  • Compare the different scenarios.
  • Select and apply the most favorable scenario.
  • All in a few minutes! Once the scheduling is confirmed, the information is sent directly to the carrier for the execution of the orders.


Key features that make Optimizer a great solution

Optimizer is a user-friendly solution that brings to our logistic team powerful functionalities:

  • Graphic interface with a map location of vendors, customers, plants, and routes.
  • Click on easy drill-down information on vendors and customer orders and routes.
  • Flexible capacity adjustment based on configurable constraints.
  • Dynamic scheduling of your logistics.
  • Easily generate “what if” scenarios in a safe environment.
  • ... and full country optimization done in less than 12 minutes!

Five reasons to use Optimizer:

  • Optimize operations by decreasing transportation costs.
  • Enhance customer experience by improving on-time delivery.
  • Contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by minimizing empty kilometers.
  • Explode the backhauling synergies (inbound & outbound combinations).
  • Freeing up resources by automating the process.

Take a look at this quick video and learn about the solution!