Womtech: virginia orive



Virginia Orive de la Rosa has been a proud member of the Holcim family for 15 years.

As a HRM Senior Business Analyst she help IT to understand HR Business needs and our users to see how they can benefit from our products.

What are the most compelling qualities of great leaders?

Value the different skills that every member can bring up to the team to achieve their goals and find better solutions, while making them feel how important their contribution is for the success of the company.

When you face challenges, what encourages you?

My work helps our users with their daily tasks so I try to remember that no matter the challenge if we succeed we will be making their life easier. Every new solution we deliver is improving their work experience and that’s worth it.

Do you think that diversity and gender equality are already a reality?

I think that society still has to work on understanding all the value that diversity and gender equality can bring to us all and implementing measures that will lead to that. I feel really lucky to be part of a company with a strong commitment to work towards this reality.

Who inspires you?

All the great professionals I have worked with over the years and the ones I’m surrounded by now. I have learned a lot from all of them and appreciate the variety of points of view and ways of working they shared with me.