Womtech: maría Herrera



Maria Herrera hails from Granada but has resided in various cities throughout her life. She possesses a robust background in economics, holding a degree in Economics and a master's degree in Financial Management, with a strong specialization in procurement and supply chain management. In her leisure time, she enjoys practicing sports, painting, and traveling.

When you face challenges, what encourages you?

When faced with challenges, what motivates me is the desire to help and serve others in the best way possible. The opportunity to use my problem-solving skills and provide useful solutions is what drives me. Furthermore, the support and collaboration of the people who interact with me are also a source of encouragement and motivation. In short, my motivation comes from my ability to be helpful and the positive interaction with users.

What are the most compelling qualities of great leaders?

My opinion is that these people have to know themselves very well, know what they want professionally and personally and how to achieve it. Without that they will not be able to guide or lead, but it also has to go hand in hand with the fact that they must do it from the heart. Stoicism, honesty, dreaming and doing it in a positive way towards others complement it.

Do you think that diversity and gender equality are already a reality?

The reality of diversity and gender equality varies depending on context and geographic location. In some places and sectors, significant progress has been made in promoting diversity and gender equality at a social and legal level, with policies and practices that promote inclusion and equity. However, in many other places there are still significant challenges and inequalities that need to be addressed.

Therefore, although important steps have been taken, it is clear that diversity and gender equality are not yet a reality. It is important to continue working to create inclusive environments where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or other characteristics.

Who inspires you?

My professional inspiration has no separation from my personal inspiration. I notice women and men who do not stop at nothing, who fall and get back up and who also do it with the person they are next to.

I am lucky because I know many people who, with their strength, motivation and creativity, have changed their path and the other ones  for a  better one . I am also lucky to know paths that do not lead me to motivation.
But luck has not come to me alone, I have  been working to know, investigate, educate myself and find out what  woman,  professionally and personally  I want to be.