Womtech: delia pérez



Delia was born in Madrid and graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer. 
She has always felt a strong push for technology and since her first years in university she has been working in different roles associated with this area, ranging from technical support, sales and marketing or consultancy, having now more than 18 years of experience looking for the next step in Human Resources solutions.

At the same time being a quite sensitive being you can find her writing poetry or redesigning whatever space she find herself in. She does love nature and animals and has a difficult time in noisy environments.

What is your role in this company?

I am a Solution Analyst and agile team member of the SAP Human Resources team and the creative mind and soul behind the myPlace (Fiori) implementation in this area. 
I like to push continually for the change or our next step in our solutions. I cannot manage stagnant and obsolescence so, my mantra is “let’s make it happen.”

When you face challenges, what encourages you?

I was born to thrive on challenges.
So, knowing that I am resilient and that I will always manage what I propose myself. It is a matter of work and effort.
Moreover, in those cases when the resolution is not on my hand or there are some rocks in the way, raise the hand and shake the world to remove them and, again, make it happen.

What are the most compelling qualities of great leaders?

Having some kind of power or control over a group of people does not make you a leader. Wanting to get the best of each human being does.  
Empathy. Active listening and active feedback gathering. Walk the talk.
A willingness to embrace the conflict, which for sure will arise, and avoid choosing comfort or own interests over resolution. Coherence between what is thought, said and done. Be a mirror in which others can happily look and feel motivated.
Do not promote toxic behaviors. Keep people inspired. Integrity once again.

Do you think that diversity and gender equality are already a reality?

If I think about my professional life, I do not recall having felt discriminated by being a woman. However, you only need to look outside and have a look at what happens in the world to get a dose of reality and the long way ahead. I feel privileged.

Who inspires you?

I have never had a role model or unique human being that inspires me. 
I can speak about a set of qualities, a mindset, or a way of being. 
People that act with integrity, and do not put their personal interests or convenience above what is fair or what should be done. 
Empathy. Connection. Self-Knowledge. A willingness for growth.
I’m inspired by people that understand that we all have something to give and try to use every opportunity that life puts on the way to do what is correct.