unleashing the power of Ai in averyday life with daniel cano


Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become a key part of our everyday lives. AI, particularly in the form of Large Language Models (LLMs), is impacting various industries in transformative ways. 
Broadly, AI assists us in three critical areas:

1.- It supplements our existing knowledge, making us smarter.
2.- It simplifies larger tasks, conserving our time and resources.
3.- It is capable of analyzing massive amounts of data, providing us with insightful information.


Daniel Cano, Cloud Native Engineer & Transformation Manager at Holcim EMEA Digital Center shares his vision about the power of AI in everyday life. 


"AI's journey is an impressive timeline. It started with handling simple, specific tasks through what we called machine learning using massive amounts of data and human time to supervise the results. Over time, with advancements in technology like deep learning, it started multitasking, managing multiple operations simultaneously. We moved from that traditional machine learning, where humans were needed to supervise, to self-supervised computer models, indicating a major transition in the AI landscape. As a result, foundational models like GPT, Llama, and Claude emerged. These models are multi-tasking ,multi-purpose, generating human-like text and other types of content based on the data they're fed, learning and improving over time.

Just like us, to get an AI system to work effectively, there's a preparation phase involved. This primarily includes taking unprocessed or raw data, cleaning it, and ensuring that it's ready for use. As part of this preparation, we need to create specific sets of APIs or store the information to be used in specific databases, which act as pathways to feed data to the AI system, ensuring a smooth interaction.

AI applications, once ready, cater to a wide array of user needs. These cover everything from providing business with real-time insights through dashboards to enabling frontline employees to engage in conversational interactions with AI agents in chat rooms, or assistance to be more productive through predictive analytics.

AI doesn't just stop there. It continually evolves providing more accuracy either improving the models or creating new ways of doing things.. AI is reshaping how we interact with technology, from enriching knowledge bases to enhancing user experiences. Understanding these developments is key to harnessing AI's potential in everyday life and business operations."