MyPlace is an employee & manager self service mobile suite that provides easy and quick access to all our employees’ related information and transactions. It's accessible from any device, mobile, tablet..,anytime and anywhere.  
MyPlace is another important step on our way to improve employee ́s experience through the digitization of the employees lifecycle.

Empower your whole team 

Myplace mobile app brings numerous benefits to all parties involved in the human resource management process, empowering employees and managers  and automating administrative tasks and approval flows. myPlace allows the organization to:

  • Access to all employee related tools in one single place, making employees' experience easier.
  • Keep workforce data timely and accurate and provide employees greater access and control of their own data while freeing up HR to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Automation and standardization of admin processes by routing documents, requests, forms, and tasks through configurable approval workflows to reduce errors, costs, and paperwork.
  • Easy access via web or mobile from anywhere.

Take a look at this quick video and learn about the solution!