Roberto Viyuela, Head of Availability and End-to-End Technology at Holcim EMEA Digital Center, shares with us what Generative Artificial Intelligence is and how it is working in our organization.




"On the 30th of November of 2022, ChatGPT, a chatbot created by OpenAI was released and, in less than 24 hours it reached more than 1 million users. The massive worldwide attraction that it generated was related to its capability of creating human-like detailed responses across multiple domains. Many suddenly realized how a trained machine can get intimidatingly close to our way of thinking.

This point of reflection has turned our focus to the limitless possibilities that Generative AI can provide and will be able to provide from now on. In the case of our organization, we have recently started to introduce a technological relative of ChatGPT, also developed by OpenAI, which is GitHub Copilot, which became available last mid December, 2022.

GitHub Copilot uses Generative AI, which is a type of AI that is able to generate new and unique outputs, such as code; based on a set of inputs and rules. This allows the AI to understand the context and intention of the developer, and to generate code that is tailored to the needs. For example, if a developer wants to create a new feature, AI is able to suggest the adequate code snippets and libraries to use, based on the developer's previous work and the project requirements.

Another of the multiple benefits of Generative AI in the development of solutions is that it can improve the accuracy and reliability of the code. AI can detect and fix errors in the code, and suggest improvements based on the best practices and industry standards. This can aid reduce the number of bugs and issues in the code, and improve the overall performance of the application.

It is too early for conclusions, although our near future looks quite promising when it comes to the development of products. A faster development, higher quality code and a more collaborative work culture keep growing".