Jorge Jiménez García is currently working at Holcim EMEA Digital Center as Data Scientist Analyst Graduated in Geological Engineering, he holds a Master's degree in Big Data & Analytics, a branch of knowledge in which he continues to expand his capabilities with continuous training. 

"Data is more than just numbers and statistics; it's a strategic asset that can provide valuable insights and competitive advantages" Jorge shares his vision of the sole that Data Science plays and how it is being applied in the company today. 




These days, having an appropriate data strategy is essential for a company.  Creating a data-centric organization and fostering a data culture is not just a trend; it is a necessity for staying competitive in today's data-driven world. By harnessing the power of data, organizations can make informed decisions, enhance customer experience, and thrive in an increasingly complex business landscape.

From the point of view of Data Science teams, it is crucial to have access to data as quickly as possible. Many teams can benefit from an appropriate strategy in this regard. Having access to a wide catalog of data, being able to select it, filter it, consult it, download it, or utilize it through connections in a simple way is key for all projects that put the power of data at the center of their work. 

It is a culture that, thanks to past experiences of successful projects, continues to spread in a completely transversal way, making Data Science a highly valued and essential branch of knowledge and expertise for the business centers to whom we provide our services.


Steps towards a new model of work

In recent years, great steps have been taken in building a data-driven culture in the company. During this time, the Data Science team has worked on different projects related to industrial operations, logistics, product quality, financial forecasts... There are numerous applications and benefits. 

From a technical point of view, the creation of the Data Lake represents a great advance in this regard. And from a cultural point of view, we are supporting the business to become increasingly aware of the importance of the data they manage and the multiple possibilities that data science offers in order to create models and tools that can help them in their daily work. 


Applications and benefits for all types of users 

Data is a very powerful and versatile tool that, in use, is fully capable of adapting to each user’s demands and needs. A relevant case to mention is, for example, WiseML, a project in cooperation with our colleagues at Group Digital Solutions.

It is a no-code application, so the user will not need to write programming code to be able to develop the complete Data Science project. From data loading, processing, and analysis, to model creation-evaluation and inference-testing, it is not necessary at any point in the project to take time out to write code. It is therefore a machine learning platform where both data scientists and non-specialized users will be able to upload their data, create their own models, and see their results in a quick, simple, and effective way. 

These types of solutions present a series of differential advantages that bring the world of Data Science closer to any interested user, thus eliminating the programming entry barrier and making the entire process simpler and more manageable for any user.