Ricardo vidal

Meet Ricardo Vidal,  who is leading  the Delivery on Demand team at the EMEA Digital Center shares with us how CD/CI technologies are helping us to deliver with the speed, quality and agility required by our customers.

Why do we need a CI/CD strategy?

Ricardo Vidal

“CI/CD is the leverage to do more with less (less TTL, less WIP and less waste). It drastically reduces the Time To Live for any application we produce, hence we hit the market squeezing the momentum from the very beginning. CI/CD allows us to gain leverage and provide quicker value to the Business by developing the new solutions before our competitors.


Some benefits of the adoption of these practices, just for illustration purposes: 

  • The frequency of code deployments skyrocketed whilst the time taken to put them on production without downtime reduced by more than 70%.
  • Faster code deployment lead time
  • Faster MTTR, meaning that when any change failed and resulted in an incident, the time required to resolve the incident was a much faster process. 
  • Increase on change success rate


What are the key factors to implementing a CI/CD?
The most difficult part of implementing a CI/CD, or any other DevOps practice like GitOps, is the necessary change in the mindset of the people. Most of the time it is hard to stop and take a step backwards to understand the big picture. Once it is clear, the automation will bloom. From the very beginning when someone is writing a new feature, through testing, to the last pull request, production needs to be automated."